If you have a TMJ disorder, you may find yourself in pain or uncomfortable while performing daily actions such as chewing, speaking or yawning. Our skilled dentists provide TMJ treatments to relieve your discomfort and restore proper oral function. Dr. Brittany Westerman with Singing River Dentistry is the only dental provider in the state of Alabama that provides headache and TMJ Pain relief with the use of the Urbanek splint. With one small mouthpiece, you can join thousands of others in saying goodbye to jaw pain, migraines, headaches, TMJ and oral-facial pain forever. She completed training and licensing with the founder of the Urbanek Splint, Dr. Tony Urbanek, an Oral Surgeon in Franklin, Tennessee. Over 98% of those struggling with TMJ, head, and neck pain can treat all of their symptoms without the use of surgery or pills. Contact Singing River Dentistry for your free consultation to see if the Urbanek Splint is right for you and to learn more about TMJ treatments in Tuscumbia, Florence, Muscle Shoals and Russellville, Alabama.

In the words of Dr. Tony Urbanek, the creator of the Urbanek TMJ Splint, “Instead of reading more journals and taking more courses and reading more papers and textbooks, I decided to talk to my patients. I interviewed about 15 – 18 of them and they told me a lot of stuff that I knew, and they also kept telling me something I’d never heard of before which is, ‘If I take a pencil eraser and my finger and my tongue and put it between my front teeth and I close, it feels better.

That’s when the light bulb went off.

I decided, well I’ll make something for the teeth and see what happens. My own device, my own structure and design — I made it, and I put it in my first patient’s mouth — a woman who had pain for 40 years. She came back in three weeks and said, ‘Thanks, my pain’s gone.’ And I was incredulous. And this went on and on for another dozen patients.”

Since 2011, we’ve successfully treated over 1,100 TMJ patients with the Urbanek Splint.

“The Urbanek TMJ Splint has changed my life! I went from daily migraines to
only a headache every now and then. It also got rid of my neck and shoulder
pain from all of the grinding I was doing. I would definitely recommend
this splint to anyone suffering from TMJ problems!” -Dawn G.