The Role Oral Health Plays in Your Child’s Development

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Did you know that your child’s oral and general development is affected by the quality of their teeth? For this reason, Dr. Jimmy Gardiner and Associates encourage you to help your child maintain healthy teeth every day. By helping your child develop a solid foundation of oral care during their early years, you can help them have reliable oral health for the rest of their life. We offer some insight into the importance of your child’s smile and why good oral health matters.

From the time that your child receives their baby teeth, which are the first teeth in their smile, they require daily oral care to promote proper dental alignment when the permanent teeth erupt later on. While many people think baby teeth don’t need much care since they are temporary, the truth is that these teeth should receive daily oral care so that they stay healthy and can help the permanent teeth remain healthy, too. If your child learns at a young age that it’s important to clean and care for their teeth, they are more likely to have strong and healthy adult teeth, too.

Another important aspect of pediatric oral health is avoiding the devastating the effects of sugar that can affect a child’s smile. We recommend that children eat diets low in sugar and visit one of our dentistss every six months so that routine oral exams can detect any signs of tooth decay before they become severe.

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