How Can TMJ Pain Be Improved?

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A major contributor to proper oral function is your jaw, which is facilitated by jaw joints that help your mouth move smoothly. These jaw joints are called temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, and they should receive care just like your teeth. If your jaw joints are affected by a TMJ disorder that causes discomfort, you can try the following methods to reduce jaw pain:

– Chewing on pens or fingernails, as well as participating in other bad dental habits, should be avoided so that your jaw health is weakened.
– Tough and chewy foods like steak and chewing gum can stress your jaw, and should be avoided if you have jaw pain.
– If you have chronic stress that you suspect is playing a role, you can try some alternative treatment methods to decrease stress. Daily habits such as stress balls, yoga, meditation and biofeedback may help lower jaw tension.
– You can apply heat or ice packs to areas of TMJ discomfort. Heat can bring down pain, and cold can treat the swelling or inflammation that sometimes occurs with the jaw joints.
– Chronic health conditions like bruxism can also contribute to TMJ disorder. In the case of bruxism, which is an unconscious habit of grinding or clenching the teeth, this places pressure on jaw joints that can cause damage. Notify Dr. Jimmy Gardiner & Associates if your TMJ disorder may be worsened by another condition.

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